Starting a Club

Want to get involved? Don't see a current clubs/organization that seems to fit your taste? Well, you can start your own club or organization!

  1. Visit Student Involvement (2nd Floor of the Student Center) and speak with a Student Involvement staff member about your new club idea

  2. Recruit a minimum of five other students (members) which must include a President and a Treasurer

  3. Find a faculty or staff advisor (advisors have to be SSU employees paid by the state of California)

  4. Officers (President and Treasurer) must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units as an undergraduate or 3 units as a graduate student. The officers must maintain a minimum term and cumulative GPA of 2.0. In additionl, they may not have earned more than 150 units or 125% of required units towards graduation, whichever is higher

When you think you are ready to move forward there is an online portion and an in person portion that you will have to complete in order to finish chartering. Chartering is the process to get your club/organization recognized by the University.